Understand the differences between the various products mandatory classification And any other products

Products classification ? Facing so many different existing type of products might lead online buyers to a deep confusion. Below you will find the classification for products that YourFootballShirt did built so that you will be able to find your own way while browsing throuh the Marketplace

It describes any product related to either a nation or a club which can be designated as officially under license product.

Not only being an official licensed product, such product type is related to offically sold products which are sold under “players match configuration”.
It’s been a few years since football teams football shirt brands do propose to customers a “match type” version of the usual retail jerseys which are very similar to the ones worn during the matches by the players Such products are as well available at resellers shops
Material, shape, small details, namesets, everything can be a bit different from usual standard replicas. These products are usually way more expensive than the usual standard retail versions.

This product category stands for the products which have been first purchased from a licensed store. Such items where afterwards customized by their owner using additonal patches, namesets or any other artifice to make it look closer from reality match worn items.

It is very important to mention that such customizations do trigger an immediate loss of value of the items since they are not anymore 100% under licensed product. It is very important according to YourFootballShirt to be able to inform properly customers about such practices in order to protect them when they will pass an order. Some of these products are actually very good looking but they are unfortunately not original.

This describes any item which as not been officially commercialized however which authenticy is real and effective. It is very often prototypes proposed by shirts brands to clubs or nations federation which are not finally chosen by the end decidors.

Most commonly known as match worn shirts, these are match worn items by players during any official match for a given team

These are obviously the most expensive and searched ones And the most valuable & counterfeit indeed

Please ask any sign of authentification to the vendors. Or even any proof of tracking since the player finished the stipulated game.

A “Stock pro – Prepared not match worn” is an item which has been configurated to a specific player and available among the set of jerseys for given match, however not used at the end of the given game.

This related to an empty shirt which was originally dedicated to professional stock; its configuration was stopped before the end of the process and therefore does not relates to any player configuration.

It is important to keep in mind that we include here empty shirts or products which were configured with a club or nation secondary team or youth details.

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