Today, every bag is unique, made by hand and takes around 20h to create. Our workshop, located in the region of Paris, collaborates with artisans who have over 30 years experience working with some of best known luxury brands in France. We reunited the most talented French artisans, with the best furniture to get a unique premium producct The bag interior and its finish is made of calfskin or full grain cowhide.


JOUBERT is a brand that was brought to life in Paris in 2016. Its positioning as a high-end luxury good is justified by its singular craftsmanship, refined by experienced artisans using only the finest quality materials with the best finishing. Over 4 years, designer Franck Joubert and his team tried and tested many designs to find one that would fit the owner’s everyday needs (casual, business, sport, street). The first challenge was to transform a sports jersey into a luxury goods piece which could be easy to carry around. The thinking behind it was that the owner could show off the colours of his beloved sports team anywhere and everywhere he went. And in style.


What if it was possible to crystallize an emotion? To refine a memory and create something of exception. Joubert upholds emotional value at the heart of its work, and this has allowed them to create the exceptional: transforming a sports jersey into a unique luxury keepsake. Rather than shutting our memories away in our cupboards, it is now possible to create a memory that you can take with you anywhere – one that forged your identity regardless of whether you were a player or fan. This piece is made up of the same sports jersey and any offcuts can be used to create an additional small kitbag. The original concept behind this luxury piece was to capture the passion of the jersey owner while showcasing a uniquely chic finish.

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